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Exploration + Human Connection…it’s more important than you think

“I’m at my best when I’m flying by the seat of my pants exploring new places.”

In June 2019, I successfully escaped Corporate America! Well, more like said fuck it to all the BULLSHIT and finally quit.

Afterwards, I dabbled in entrepreneurship and learned a shit ton by investing ~$25k of my own money into an idea. Since you’re reading this it’s safe to say my entrepreneurial venture didn’t pan out the way I was anticipating. But, I’m not too upset about it because it led me to the decision to Ever Wander around the world starting in April 2020.

Psych! Just kidding – COVID. The Rona. Global Pandemic. Some other non-PC names that I don’t feel comfortable mentioning. Whatever you want to call it rolled in like Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball.

After getting over my depression, it afforded me the opportunity to listen to my body, try new things without pressure, connect with friends and family, and continue working on being more

present [man, this one is hard at times]. 

I detest mediocrity and complacency. 

Oh, and the ungodly Arizona heat. 

I’m at my best when I’m flying by the seat of my pants exploring new places. 

So, I took those lemons and made lemonade by planning a 7-State West Coast COVID Road Trip. And on that 50 day, 5,000 mile journey, I reflected deeply on the following themes.

  1. Exploration + Human Connection [Below]
  2. The Ultimate Life Skill
  3. Disconnect to Reconnect
  4. Decompress with Alone Time
  5. Patience is a Virtue
  6. Unlearning to Relearn
  7. Accepting people for who they are

My soul lights on fire when I’m cruising down PCH1… 

With the windows rolled down
Kaskade blasting on Spotify
And, I’m speeding around the corners in my bf’s Tesla [eye muffs babe]

It’s funny, I used to hate driving with a passion when I was a kid.
My parents couldn’t even get me to drive 2.25 hours to their cabin.
Now, I eat up 5,000 mile road trips like an 8 year old snarfing down Fruity Pebbles.

This impromptu road trip allowed me to connect with 21 of my closest peeps.
Their hospitality and generosity blew me away.
Sharing their fave local spots & outdoor activities.
My heart was bursting with gratitude. 

In a way, this was my farewell tour…
Before I start galavanting around the world in early 2021 [revised start date].

I’m hopeful they’ll visit me abroad, but I’ve accepted that they might not.
Life happens. I get it.
Especially, when you have a significant other and kid[s].
Metaphorically speaking, we’re all spinning 10 plates while riding a unicycle.

I found this sobering stat.
On average, kids see their parents ~200 more times after they leave home.
Mind blowing, right?!
And, I bet that number’s drastically less for friends.

That’s why, as I get older, I really cherish the time spent with loved ones.
Time is so finite and precious.
Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

When was the last time you truly Explored & Connected with loved ones?
Drop a comment below.

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