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Is ISTANBUL TURKEY worth the hype?!

Istanbul Turkey…wasn’t expecting quite the crash landing, but I’m glad we met regardless of the circumstances.

36 hours prior to landing in Istanbul I was perfectly chillin like a villain in Stockholm, Sweden. Little did I know my life was about to be flipped upside down by a lil thing called the Schengen Rule. I was vaguely aware of said rule, so I decided to dig a lil deeper, since I was spending a lot of time in Europe recently. My research led me to these crazy, online calculators. Basically, visitors [aka me] can be in the Schengen Zone [~27 European countries] a total of 90 days on a rolling 180 days. 🤦🏼‍♀️

After plugging in all my recent travel dates, the result sent me spinning. I was coming up on 84 out of 90 days + wasn’t planning on leaving Europe for at least a couple months. I frantically unraveled 15 months of travel plans, requested Airbnb refunds [didn’t go well], packed up my life, + landed in Istanbul 36 hours all by myself.

Making the best of it…I focused on work, got back into beast mode [gym], + explored everything Istanbul had to offer. Oh…and talk about treating myself…I fully indulged in all the Hammams, including my very first four-hand massage.

Watch to see the crazy, multi-step Hammam process.
Let’s just say, it definitely pushed me outside my comfort zone.

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