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Our Story
Our Story
Our Story

Hi! Ashley + Cameron here!
Here’s why we SOLD it all!

Hi there. Ashley here.

Welcome to the digital nomads + bucket list travelers scrapbook of AWESOMENESS!
Psst…this travel blog isn’t for you if you don’t like swearing.
Sorry, not sorry.

Funny story, I was given the Ever Wander nickname by an ex-boyfriend.
The nickname stuck, but I ever wandered my ass right out of that sitch. Bye!

Most travel blogs are fake, overly curated, + littered with toxic positivity. Barf! But, not this one. Trust me, it’s filled with EPIC shit, but it also shares the real side of travel. The shit other travel folks gloss over. I have a lil secret…it isn’t so glamorous!

Travel is AMAZEBALLS…but…travel is also FRUSTRATING, EXHAUSTING, DEFEATING, + HARD AF! Like no joke. Shit gets real all too often. Don’t get it twisted…I wouldn’t trade my life for anything, but traveling isn’t for everyone.

So, how’d I get here? Read on.

For 10 miserable years, I was dry humped up and down the all mighty American Corporate ladder. And, in May 2019, I finally decided to stop eating shit politely with a knife + fork, and said “FUCK IT! I’m out.”

I ran out of PATIENCE + TOLERANCE for shitty bosses, empty promises, office politics, back channeling + backstabbing, grin fucking, endless red tape, smoking + drinking to get ahead, + everyone’s favorite….the meeting about the meeting. Argh! Really, people?! [Queue the Xanax]

After searching my soul and what not, I realized fear + false narratives [ex. travel isn’t safe for a single female] were dictating my life way too much. So, I decided to change that by getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. I refuse to die with a single regret [not even one letter – if you know, you know]. I’m living my life for me, no matter who I have to piss off or let go of.

Let’s see if these hit you like they hit me…
💜 “Life IS NOT a dress rehearsal.” -Rose Tremain
💜 “We don’t remember days, we remember moments.” -Cesare Pavese
💜 “Not all those who wander are lost.” -J.R.R. Tolkien

As of 2020, my life has been lived BRAVELY + BOLDLY. Originally, Ever Wander was a solo mission, but I picked up a new co-captain + hubby along the way. His name is Cameron Herold. He’s a successful entrepreneur, experienced traveler + backpacker, amazing father, + someone who encourages me to do brave things. Like…starting this travel blog + my YouTube channel showcasing our BUCKET LIST TRAVELERS DREAM LIFE.

Together, we traded in 95% of our possessions for a more experience-based life + hit the road in September 2021. That last sentence makes it sound easy…but we’ll assure you…getting rid of 95% of our things wasn’t…it was terrifying yet strangely liberating all at the same time. Luckily, our passion for travel, wandering, trying new things, + CROSSING OFF BUCKET LIST ITEMS, superseded old family heirlooms + the newest kitchen gadget. We were finally back in control. Not our stuff.

We’re committed to visiting 100+ countries across all 7 continents [already done]. And, we want to take you with us. Whether you’re…family, in our current friend circle, friends we’re destined to meet, are fellow digital nomads, travel curious, and/or secret haters. We promise to share all the stories…no matter how AWESOME, BAD, EMBARRASSING, or FRUSTRATING they are, because we fully embrace the Ever Wander way of EXPLORING, EXPERIENCING, + EVOLVING.

Come Ever Wander with us. No passport required. For now, at least.

If you’re an intelligent, independent, successful female in your 20’s or 30’s banging your head in middle management, and you want out. Or, you’re an ambitious couple sick of the American Dream rhetoric and want to live a more experience-based life, by becoming full-time digital nomads that check off bucket list items vs. buying more things, you’ve found the right place.

If conventional life no longer passes the sniff test, we’re here to tell you…your spidey sense doesn’t lie! Just know, you’re not alone. It’s time to bust out of the hamster wheel + forge your own path! Come on. Do it already! You won’t regret it. Plus, it’ll make one hell of a story!

And, we can’t wait to hear it,

Ashley aka Ever Wander
Cameron aka The Tall Traveler
[Digital Nomads + Bucket List Junkies]

“Not all those who wander are lost.”

-J.R.R. Tolkein

Ashley Fun Facts
  • Burning Man blew my fucking mind!
  • My favorite color is SPARKLES!
  • Farting makes me giggle
  • I love music + dancing!
  • My uncle inspired me to travel the world when I was lil girl
  • I’m a Pisces [Sun], Gemini [Rising], Taurus [Moon]
  • Lululemon, being healthy, + working out is life
  • Therapy, energy work, yoga, meditation are lifesavers
  • My sobriety is the best gift I’ve given myself [June 2020]
  • I’m an extroverted introvert [INTJ] + black sheep of the family
  • Quality Time + Gifts are my love languages
  • Perfectionism blows + as does body dysmorphia
  • I’m an organizational freak + calendar psycho
  • In high school I played the flute + was a cheerleader
  • No amount of money could make me go back to high school
  • I’ve lived in Arizona, Edmonton, Chicago, San Fran, Vancouver
  • Sleep is the best medicine!
  • The smell + taste of canned corn makes me gag
  • I have strict No Asshole Policy