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Disconnecting…how to recharge your social battery

“The overwhelming sense of guilt for not being productive 24/7 was heavy y’all.”

In my Corporate Robot days, I had two speeds.
Fast and faster. 

The overwhelming sense of guilt for not being productive 24/7 was heavy y’all.

Seriously, who needs to pee or eat lunch in peace during the day?
Back-to-back Zoom meetings is where it’s at!
I was brainwashed into believing this bullshit. 

It was good until it wasn’t good. 
And, I burned out like a fucking meteor.

I felt like I had one foot in the grave.
I needed to make some drastic changes.
And fast.

Rest, relax, reflect, and recharge weren’t words I identified with.
At all.
They were skills I forced myself to learn and am still learning. 

Fast forward to this road trip.
It was just me and the open road.
Countless hours to ponder my existence and purpose.
Or, stare blankly at the scenery rushing by.

When I wasn’t getting all philosophical, I disconnected by listening to…

When I spent time with my friends, I really spent time with them.
I recharged by sharing stories, belly laughs, and a good cry. 

I can’t help but think…
About how much time and sanity I robbed myself of by not disconnecting earlier. 

Burning Man 2018 was the first time I fully disconnected from reality.
Not because I wanted to, but because I was forced to.
Cellular reception was nonexistent on the playa.
For seven whole days.
It was terrifying and frustrating.
Yet, it was exactly what the doctor ordered. 

Burning Man was the first domino for a myriad of changes in my life.
Learning the power of disconnection being one of them.
And how resting and recharging are necessary.
Especially, since I was masquerading around as an extrovert for far too long. 

And, if I would’ve realized it earlier…
Maybe, just maybe, I wouldn’t have burned out so epically.
No one should kill themselves for some stupid job and/or company.
But, the past is the past, I’ve grown from it, and have moved on.

Do you..

  • Disconnect to Connect?
  • Temporarily close for wellness maintenance?
  • Unplug to Recharge?

How do you Disconnect & Recharge?
Is it something you’re good at, or are you still working on it like me?
Drop a comment below.

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