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Adapt…be present…be flexible…the ultimate life skill

“I’m not your standard planner. I’m a full blown calendar psycho.”

It really chaps my ass when I spend countless hours planning a trip and one little change blows my entire agenda to smithereens.
Am I the only one?

First, you need to understand one thing…
I’m not your standard planner.
I’m a full blown calendar psycho. 

Like, calendar invites for every minute of the day including…

  • Eating breakfast
  • Showering
  • Driving

I’m either a godsend or someone’s complete nightmare.
Nothing in between. 

It took everything in me to adopt a more flexible approach on this road trip. 

I mapped out the high-level dates, destinations, and not much else.
And, I booked my hotels only a few cities in advance. 

This method prevented me from having to Vaseline my ass [sorry for the vision] when…

  • I decided to go to Paso Robles last minute to check out Sensorio Field of Lights
  • Cancelled our hotel and stop in San Francisco
  • Booked a cute bungalow in Calistoga instead
  • Met up with some friends in Sacramento
  • Buzzed over to Lake Tahoe for more friends
  • Rerouted to Denver
  • And, checked out the Colorado National Monument in Grand Junction

I was so go with the flow, I was fluid.
Well, let’s not get too crazy. 

I did my best to embrace the journey.
I did my best not to be a slave to my phone.
I did my best not to chase every buzz, ding, & notification.
I did my best to give my friends and family my undivided attention.

I did my best to stay as present as possible.

This caused me to miss out on two photo ops, but it was worth it. 

I can’t say I’ll adopt this style of planning moving forward, but it was nice to switch it up.
Neurotic Nancy is here to stay people!

Enough about me though.
How do you practice Presence & Adaptability?
Drop a comment below.

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