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It was a full-on assault…because I have the 100+ bites to prove it.

How to get rid of mosquitoes in Bequia…let them feast on your body all night long…to the point of explosion.
It was a full-on assault…because I have the 100+ bites to prove it.
I knew it wasn’t looking good when I woke up with 15 mosquitoes chillin INSIDE THE NET! FML! 

Damn you, mid-night pee break!
My net had a ceiling high slit + in my sleepy stupor I must have left it slightly open.
The other more effective way to get rid of mosquitoes in Bequia is, don’t stay at a hotel right on the water with shutters for doors and no AC, wear bug repellent, use the mosquito net properly, and my personal favorite…walk around with an electric racket zapping the shit out of them like a crazy person.
Oh ya…I was that lady. 

Watch me in action, because I was on a mission to eradicate all mosquitoes on the island.
Everything in my path got zapped…even my husband.

Couple my bites with a bad case of Plantar Fasciitis [couldn’t walk], and this ended up being more of a rest + recover trip. 

Bequia highlights |
✨ Our Airbnb, Octopus Villa, was nice but at the top of a steep hill
✨ Enjoying the most epic sunsets from our balcony
✨ Connecting with our friends…Captain Francisco + Chef Julieta of the Freedom Yacht
✨ Check out our 7-day Catamaran trip here |
✨ Walking along Princess Margaret Beach
✨ Spending $270 on COVID tests [kidding…not a highlight]

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Question time!
What’s the most mosquito bites you’ve had at one time?
And, what’s your favorite mosquito bite remedy?
Comment your answers, I’ll be reading!

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