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THE GRENADINES…7 day yacht charter [MUST READ]!

There are 35 islands, but only 9 have permanent settlements.

How many Grenadines are there?
There are 35 islands, but only 9 have permanent settlements.
Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, Mayreau, Union Island, Petit Martinique, + Carriacou are the six largest.
We definitely didn’t visit all 35, but the ones we did were EPIC!
And, Tobago Cays for the WIN! 

St Vincent + The Grenadines highlights |
✨ Breathing in the morning air on the bow of the boat
✨ Enjoying sherbet colored sunsets from the stern of the boat
✨ Snorkeling for hours on end…chasing the most colorful fish
✨ Hovering over sea turtles noshing on seagrass
✨ Paddle boarding against the current over choppy lil waves
✨ Sailing past The Royal Clipper…the largest commercial size sailboat
✨ Eating the most delicious, yet healthy, Argentinian inspired meals
✨ Getting splashed by salty waves on the bow as we’re going full steam ahead
✨ Watching the lobster master cook ~50 lobsters at a time on a small grill for hundreds of people
✨ Becoming amazing friends with Captain Francisco + Chef Julieta
✨ Learning the basics of sailing + how to use a sextant for star navigation
✨ Learning how to play Backgammon
✨ Having an entire bed to myself!
✨ Losing my balance + trying to find center during boat yoga
✨ Plus…so much more!

Spend the money and do it! It’s perfect for a wedding anniversary, honeymoon, or special occasion.
You can always bring your best mates as well.

Enjoy this week’s video!

Sail Grenadines |

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