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DIXIE NATIONAL FOREST…Mammoth Cave + Lava Rock

Dixie National Forest has to be the least known forest in Utah. But, it shouldn’t be overlooked. Claustrophobic caves + lava rock!

Delicious cinnamon sugar donuts, Mammoth Cave, furry critters, and mountains of lava rock…
That pretty much sums up Dixie National Forest Utah, located between Zion National Park + Bryce Canyon.
Oh, and making my now husband ride Dino, the big green Dinosaur, at Sinclair Gas Station.

Dixie National Forest highlights |
✨ Duck Creek Village |
✨ Aspen-Mirror Lake |
✨ Navajo Lake |
✨ Mammoth Cave |

Mammoth Cave was our fave!
A headlamp comes in handy, but you can manage with the flashlights on your phones.
Not gonna lie, it gets pretty claustrophobic in there.
Were we brave enough to crawl on our bellies to the other side?
Watch + find out. 

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