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BRYCE CANYON HIKES…Tower Bridge + Queens Garden Navajo Combo

So mind blowingly BEAUTIFUL! Seriously. Just go. Like pack up the car + start driving. You won’t be disappointed.

So mind blowingly BEAUTIFUL!
Seriously. Just go. Like pack up the car + start driving. You won’t be disappointed.
Very few people know about this hidden gem in Southern Utah.
We did the best hikes in Bryce Canyon…Tower Bridge + Queens Garden Navajo Combination Loop.

This video is amazing, but it really doesn’t do Bryce Canyon justice.

Fun fact…
Repeated freezing + thawing of water is responsible for the colorful hoodoo formations. 

Bryce Canyon National Park highlights |
✅ 3 Mile Hike | Tower Bridge Trail
Bristlecone Pines + Chinese Wall
✅ 3 Mile Hike | Queen’s Garden / Navajo Combination Loop
Queen Victoria, Wall Street, + Thor’s Hammer
✅ MUST-SEE Viewpoints |
Yovimpa, Rainbow, Black Birch, Ponderosa, Natural Bridge [Must-See], Fairview, Piracy
✅ Dinner | Bryce Canyon Pines Restaurant [highly recommend]


  • Queen’s Garden / Navajo Combination Loop Hike
    • Start at Sunset Point, walk clockwise to Sunrise Point along the Rim Trail, go down Queen’s Garden, around the to the furthest Navajo Loop, up the Wall Street switchbacks, then go back down the inner Navajo Loop until you see Thor’s Hammer, and turn back at Sunset Point.
  • Shuttle vs. Driving
    • The shuttle isn’t necessary if you arrive early enough. Otherwise, you’ll shuttle all the way back to your car only to turn around and drive back through the park to the magical viewpoints.

We rented a super cool Treehouse Cabin at East Zion Resort in Orderville, Utah.
The property owner used to be a science teacher.
It’s safe to say he isn’t teaching anymore and is crushing life.
He’s basically the King of Orderville.
Watch the video for a tour of this one-of-a-kind Airbnb.

If you think this Airbnb is cool, check out the COOLEST Airbnb we’ve rented in this video here…
It’s the very first treehouse this property owner built.
Get this…it’s still in his backyard.
He originally built it for his kids, but he gave them the boot after non-stop rental requests.

Add Bryce Canyon to your bucket list.
It’s a MUST-SEE! We left speechless!

Tower Bridge |
Queen’s Garden / Navajo Combo Loop |
Peek-A-Boo Trail |
Natural Bridge |
East Zion Resort |
Bryce Canyon Pines Restaurant |

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