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We hiked through all 5 Cinque Terre towns [BRUTAL, but BEAUTIFUL], but Riomaggiore still took the Tiramisu.

Riomaggiore Italy…the most magical of the Cinque Terre towns. Those SUNSETS DOE!
We hiked through all 5 towns [BRUTAL, but BEAUTIFUL], but Riomaggiore still took the Tiramisu.
Vernazza was the first loser…kidding…I mean close second.
You can’t go wrong with either. Promise.

Riomaggiore Italy highlights |
✨ Our Airbnb was PERFECTION for optimal sunset viewing [minus the yucky smelling towels]
✨ We got an involuntary workout every time we left since the city is like a giant stair stepper
✨ Each of the five towns are so unique, colorful, + cute
✨ Unlike the Amalfi coast, the Cinque Terre towns have a train/tram that runs between them [super helpful]
✨ It’s a super romantic area for all couples

The hike between the towns is no joke…straight up + straight down…buns of steel loading…
The lower trail is being repaired, so the only option was the up + over hard trail
Don’t forget to hop on the train/tram if it gets to be a lil too much
If fitness isn’t a regular part of your routine, I wouldn’t recommend this hike as your debut
Bring lots of water + snacks

Riomaggiore Italy I’ll miss your unbelievable sunsets + picturesque charm!
I can’t say the same for your hills or
the tiny sea critters in my pasta.

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Question time!
Have you been or do you want to visit the Cinque Terre towns?
If so, what is your favorite memory + town?
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