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CASTRO + PUERTO VARAS CHILE…charming seaside towns

I absolutely loved our bad*ss domo!

Castro Chile [on Chiloé Island] takes the cake for the coolest lodging of our entire trip in Chile. I absolutely loved our bad*ss domo! On our way to Castro, we popped through Puerto Varas which felt like a quaint, North American lake/ski town. 

In this week’s video, I share my close encounter with a hummingbird + a take you on a tour of the cutest lil domo ever…compliments to Turismo Del Bosque Cabañas Y Domos!

Castro Chile + Puerto Varas highlights |
✨ Buying all my winter gear in preparation for Antarctica
✨ Eye to eye connection with a male hummingbird
✨ Staying in the cutest geodesic dome hostel/hotel
✨ Finishing the BossGram Academy course

Enjoy this week’s video!

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Question time!
How cool was our lil domo we stayed in?!
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