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BAT ATTACK…in Buenos Aires Argentina!

I was SO SCARED I locked myself in my bedroom!

I was SO SCARED I locked myself in my bedroom! Supposedly, storms bring out the bats in Buenos Aires Argentina. It was all good until I heard some commotion out in the living room of my Airbnb…HELP!

Other than that, Buenos Aires Argentina was bada$$. I experienced two different perspectives, because I split my time between Retiro [sickest view of downtown] + Palermo [super cute Airbnb].

As I was wandering around the city, Google Fi decided to ban me from global data. Just cut it off cold turkey. So trying to sort that out without access to Google Maps was fun. Kidding. Thankfully, I already had my bearings on the city geography. These are the constant snafus that influencers don’t post on YouTube or social media. Travel is wonderful, but it isn’t without its constant riddles to solve. At times it feels like playing dodgeball with wrenches, not soft rubber balls.

Buenos Aires Argentina highlights |
✨ The coolest view of the city EVER!
✨ Witnessing the bats until my near death experience
✨ Exploring the city in the rain
✨ Running around Palermo
✨ Having an epic steak dinner
✨ Getting a sh*t ton of work done

Beware of catfishing on Airbnb listings. My first place in Retiro didn’t match the listing photos at all. It was cutely decorated + when I arrived it was the bare minimum. Property management hosts with multiple units in the same building will reuse the same pics across listings. Retiro definitely had the better view, but Palermo was much more lively + cute lil markets, restaurants, cafes, + shops.

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In next week’s video, I check off country 32 in the quaintest lil town.

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