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TUSCANY BIKE TOUR with Backroads…169.4 miles in 4 days

“By day…we got our booties kicked. By night…we stayed in 5-star hotels, ate at Michelin-starred restaurants, + visited a Tuscan famed winery.”

169.4 Miles in 4 days on a Tuscany bike tour with Backroads!
That’s a lot of miles for a non-biker.
My booty + knees were howling at me, but the best way to see Tuscany.
The Tuscany by the Sea tour to be exact. [Helpful Links + Resources]

It was our first trip with Backroads and they didn’t disappoint.
For 6 days + 5 nights, every little detail was taken care of…
Luggage, maps, bikes, helmets, meals, drinks, shuttles, dietary restrictions, etc. 

By day…
We got our booties kicked biking up crazy hills. Thank goodness for the electric bike option.
And, by night…
We stayed in 5-star hotels, ate at Michelin-starred restaurants, + visited a Tuscan famed winery.
All while socializing with like-minded people from all over the world.
Now, that’s my kind of holiday!
The three team leaders – Guido, Davide, + Simone – were SUPER ATTENTIVE + BEYOND AMAZING!

I had a perma-smile on my face while biking through the Tuscan countryside.
Because, we got to experience a side of Tuscany people rarely get to see.
Charming village after charming village via Tuscany bike tour.

We received a crash course on how to order coffee properly.
I still don’t know all the terminology.
Trust me, you’re probably doing it incorrectly as well.
And, they taught us what gesture to look out for when an Italian gets angry.
No, it isn’t the bird.

I wish it was all sunshine + rainbows, but…
It wouldn’t be a proper vacation without a few hiccups, right?!
Watch to see what nasty lil critter ruined our very last night…
And, how I got myself locked in a public toilet and walked out soaked. 

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