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My raw + real interview with Ben Oosterveld on the From Within Podcast about my botched cosmetic procedures, my trip around the world, and everything in between.
“Ashley is a real open book. She had the courage to document her plastic surgery on Instagram as she got new boobs and a new booty. But let me tell you it was no cakewalk. The cost of getting her body the way she wanted didn’t come free. From the actual price tag to botched first tries, not being able to sit for weeks, shitty products that fell short, the unexpected emotional effects, she showed the world all of it. This is an incredibly rare look behind the scenes of what many people secretly want to do but either don’t have the courage or live with too much judgment to pull the trigger. Make up your own mind by listening to Ashley share her experiences and thoughts with no filter attached.” -Ben Oosterveld

Watch the full episode below…

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