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This edition of the Monthly Update includes…🤯

  • Mind blowingly beautiful adventures in Iceland
  • Exploring the mythical Faroe Islands
  • Checking out my nation’s capital, Washington DC, for the first time


JULY 15th – 31ST | ICELAND

Waterfall in Iceland
Siglo, Iceland
The Retreat Blue Lagoon in Iceland
Iceland Volcano

Iceland + Uganda were our two huge trips for the year. And boy/girl/them…it didn’t disappoint. Iceland blew our motherfucking minds! Just WOW! It’s pure magic when the weather Gods are shining down on Iceland. Like one of the prettiest places I’ve ever seen magic. The variations of terrain + all the amazing activities were just icing on the cake.

We didn’t spare any expense on this trip, so I hired Butterfield + Robinson to plan the entire thing. Luxury all the way baby!

There are too many to list, but here are the main highlights from our time on the land of Fire + Ice.

  • Loved meandering around charming + modern Reykjavik with the cutest shops, restaurants, + cafes. The rainbow road leading to the tall + pointy Hallgrimskirkja church was our fave.
  • Snorkeled in the freezing water of Silfra between the two tectonic plates that divide Europe + North America.
  • Walked through a jaw dropping, gigantic, grass + moss covered canyon on our way to a hidden waterfall. We had to cross a rushing river in order to get to it. Barefoot. We couldn’t see a thing + it felt like someone was cutting our feet + calves with a million lil razor blades. But, I’m proud of us for deciding to do it, because the hidden waterfall was GORGEOUS! Plus, we got it all to ourselves.
  • Had a mini photoshoot behind the most beautiful waterfall.
  • Rode Icelandic horses through the mountains at sunset.
  • Hiked on one of the biggest + most unique glaciers in the world…it resembled marble due to all the layers of volcanic ash.
  • Floated among giant white + blue icebergs on Glacier Lagoon. Witnessed a raven taking a baby bird [so sad] + saw the cutest seal napping on an iceflow.
  • Went off roading in our giant 4×4 truck + had a mini BBQ. The Icelandic lamb chops were DELICIOUS!
  • Died from an overload of cuteness on our Puffin tour. I couldn’t resist their colorful lil faces. Running barefoot down the hill of black volcanic sand was so much fun!
  • Bathed in the cloudy light blue thermal baths in Myvatn [north].
  • Got a history lesson from our guide’s uncle who’s also a talented artist. I bought an arctic fox [spirit animal] ring made out of antler, + Cameron bought a reindeer antler necklace. We absolutely LOVE THEM.
  • Mountain biked to breathtaking waterfalls + streams outside of charming Siglo [north].
  • Chased gorgeous waterfall after gorgeous waterfall. Each having their own distinct look + personality.
  • Loved the luxury at The Retreat Blue Lagoon. We indulged in a full body scrub, took photos + videos in the cliche face masks, + noshed on Michelin star dishes at Moss.
  • Planned a last-minute helicopter tour of the volcano eruption that unfortunately got canceled.
  • Hiked 32,000 steps to see the erupting volcano in person. I can’t put into words exactly how cool it was. It’s probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a fair amount of cool shit in my day. I can’t get over the vibrancy of the lava. It looked fake even after staring at it for an hour and a half. Check out the YT video below…


Waterfall in Faroe Islands
Cute Sheep in Faroe Islands
Suduroy, Faroe Islands
Kalsoy, Faroe Islands

Let me tell you…this place is something out of Narnia. Tall mountains covered in bright green grass/moss with picturesque waterfalls peeking through everywhere.

I nicknamed this magical wonderland…Fickle Faroe, because the weather is SO UNPREDICTABLE. When the forecast calls for clouds, it could be anywhere between beautiful fluffy ones high in the sky to complete fog where I couldn’t see cars in the parking lot. Every morning after I woke up + opened the curtains I’d decide if it was an explore day or a heads-down work day.

There are a total of 18 islands connected with these massive undersea tunnels which is crazy impressive. I didn’t get to visit all the islands, but I absolutely loved Suduroy + Kalsoy. Suduroy was rich with wildlife [multi-color sheep, goats, geese, birds, etc.] + gorgeous cliffs, where Kalsoy has the prettiest lighthouse [Kallur Lighthouse] backdrop I’ve ever seen.

Despite the Faroe Islands + Iceland being super close in proximity they have a totally different vibe. Iceland’s tourism + activities are well established whereas the Faroe Islands feel way more chill + secluded. I don’t recommend visiting them back to back like I did though. Don’t get me wrong…I was still blown away by the Faroe Islands, but their awe was slightly diminished, since Iceland has similar terrain in the south. But, if you’re looking for something more affordable, I’d definitely recommend the Faroe Islands over Iceland. Both are expensive, but Iceland is pretty excessive.

Washington DC
The White House, Washington DC
Washington Monument
Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Washington DC

My last stop was my nation’s capitol…I didn’t know what to expect tbh. I originally wanted to visit in April during the Cherry Blossom season, but breaking up the time zones between the Faroe Islands + Kelowna, Canada made sense…although the amount of boob, back, + [fill in the blank] sweat was insane. So…you’ve been warned if you decide to go in August. Oh…and be prepared for crazy rain storms that come out of NOWHERE!

DC exceeded my expectations. It’s so rich in history + is super clean. I love that the cops have bigger fish to fry than jay walking or flipping a bitch in the middle of the street. I definitely wouldn’t recommend walking around at night though.

My wanderings took me to the…Capitol Building, Library of Congress, Ford’s Theatre, National Mall, all the main memorials around Tidal Basin, the White House, Washington Monument [I scored tickets to the top], the Museum of Natural History, American History, Air + Space, + Art Gallery East Building, the old post office tower inside the Waldorf Astoria, street art tour in Noma + Union Market, + Georgetown neighborhood. I ended my trip with a mini photoshoot at the Jefferson Memorial, Tidal Basin, + Washington Monument.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself + over the past 5 weeks, I had to do it multiple times. My heart + body are bursting with gratitude. I appreciate you taking the time to read our monthly updates, because I absolutely love writing them.

Next month, we’re exploring Kelowna, Banff, + Jasper, Canada. The last time I was in Banff it was in Feb 2020 [right before the Vid] + it was a winter wonderland. Now, I finally get to see Lake Louise + Moraine Lake in all their teal, majestic beauty.

We can’t wait to tell you all about it!


Amalfi Coast…is it worth the hype? Watch until the end for my honest opinion.



This is hands-down my favorite tool for researching different flight options. It has all the right filters + features to make it super efficient to compare flight options + prices across all airlines, cabins, + dates. After I identify the flight I want to take, I go directly to the airline’s site + book it there.


Last month, I shared the importance of experimenting with a CGM [continuous glucose monitor]. This month, I’ll be talking about tracking your sleep with Oura Ring [not sponsored].

I’ll level with you…I was the first person to say that Oura Ring was stupid. I didn’t need a ring to tell me I slept like shit.  But, after a year of hating on it, I finally decided to give it a try. I can’t explain how it works sub-consciously, but the damn thing changed my life. Having access to the data coupled with the built-in sleep education pop-ups explaining all the different facets of good sleep [including my cycle] has been eye-opening. It helped me identify where I struggle [light, deep, REM, heart rate, temp, HRV, etc.] + indirectly influences me to go to bed earlier + has taught me to fall back asleep when I wake up at the 6 or 7 hour mark.

If you don’t sleep like a baby every night + feel like you’re sleepwalking through life, I encourage you to make the investment + start tracking the most important activity we do as humans. Sleep is hands-down the best medicine on the planet + the best part…it’s FREE! Waiting to sleep when you’re dead is so early 2000’s, because if you follow that credo, actual death will be here sooner than you’d like.

Next month, I’ll teach you about the dorky looking yellow + orange lens glasses [aka blue light blocking glasses].

Keep spreading love, joy, compassion, + kindness in the world.

Comment with your favorite part/video, questions, and/or constructive feedback any time.

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