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LAGUNA CERRO CASTILLO…wow, wow, wow…there are no words!

9+ miles of straight up baby. It was a real booty burner!

The Laguna Cerro Castillo Hike royally kicked our a$$es!
9+ miles of straight up baby. It was a real booty burner!
And, getting after it at the gym the day before didn’t do me any favors.
The laguna at the end was worth every painful step. Wait until the end.

Thank goodness I shopped for proper hiking shoes the day before in Coyhaique.
I ended up going to ~6 stores. 🤦🏼‍♀️
Be prepared for various terrains throughout the hike, especially the fine powder dust left us longing for traction + freaking FILTHY!
I simply embraced the mess.

Laguna Cerro Castillo Hike highlights |
✨ The end point…WOW!!!
✨ Getting in a great workout while in nature
✨ Taking in all the breathtaking views

Towards the end of the video I tell you exactly what to bring. You want to be prepared.
One thing to note, the entrance isn’t where AllTrails says it is. Try and follow people + the signs.
We had to walk a decent amount to get to the trailhead which is someone’s private property.

Enjoy this week’s video!
In next week’s video I double as an adult babysitter.
Let’s just say…the boys were loving them some Pisco Sours! 🍹

I’m beyond grateful for you + your support.
Help a wanderer out….
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Question time!
What + where is your most memorable hike?
Comment your answers, I’ll be reading!

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