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We went in 2021 + the process for getting a GTSR [Going-to-the Sun-Road] entry pass was harder than snagging N’Sync concert tickets back in 1998.

Highline Trail Glacier National Park Montana…aka 11.6 miles + 40,000 steps!
My knees were screaming at me, but it was worth every single step.
Glacier National Park was everything everyone said it would be + more. 

It’s breathtaking and Montana knows it, so getting in is tricky AF, especially during the Rona.
We went in 2021 + the process for getting a GTSR [Going-to-the Sun-Road] entry pass was harder than snagging N’Sync concert tickets back in 1998.

At 8AM MST each day they release a small number of passes for the date 7 days from today’s date.
So, we drove all the way up there and booked a place to stay hoping we’d get in.
Talk about nerve racking.
At 7:59AM MST, my index finger was ready to pounce on that refresh button right at 8AM.
It took a few tries/days, but I finally got ‘em!
Thankfully, I thought of a lil strategy to give me a few more attempts.
And, it turns out we needed those extra days. 

But, my excitement was short lived, because shuttle passes are distributed via a lottery system too.
And, they’re only available in 1 hour time slots, which meant I had to guess when we’d be done.
That meant our planning and execution had to be airtight.
Getting up, driving, parking, finding the trail, + finishing the 11.6 mile hike perfectly on time.
We arrived at the shuttle stop all kinds of banged up with a couple minutes to spare.
Unfortunately, another couple got kicked off the shuttle [no shuttle passes], + we forgot our masks.
But, the driver took pity on us + gave us a couple of masks.
The looks we received were comical, because it looked like we just got off the Hot Mess Express.

After all that hoop jumping…
We learned the GTSR pass isn’t required if you enter the park before 6:30AM MST.
No wonder there was a super long line when we rolled up.
Like way more vehicles than the number of passes available in the lottery.
This fun fact is why parking at Logan Pass was virtually impossible.
So, don’t be like us…just get there before 6:30AM MST.

Apparently, they implemented a new reservation system in 2022.
Learn about it here. 

We were supposed to hike Iceberg Lake [9.6 miles] the following day…
But, we were so banged up we called an audible and bailed.
Despite the 4 capsules of Tylenol I took, I was in excruciating pain for the last 3-4 miles of the hike.
Thankfully, a nice couple caught up with us, started chatting, and distracted us from the pain.
I would’ve made it but it was touch-and-go there for a while.

We also…
Visited these cute lil towns…Columbia Falls, Whitefish, + Kalispell,
Ate at some cute restaurants,
Expedited our recovery with a cryotherapy treatment,
And, found a great lil massage place. 

Oh, and tanning in the buff at the cute lil cabin felt rebellious + freeing.

Highline Trail Glacier National Park is a MUST-DO!
And, if you have time, I’d suggest visiting the USA + Canadian side.
That’s what we would’ve done, but the border was closed due to our lil 2020 friend.

Glacier National Park |
Logan Pass |
Highline Trail Trailhead |
Iceberg Ptarmigan Trailhead |
Going-to-the-Sun-Road [GTSR] |
Gentry River Ranch |
Columbia Falls |
Three Forks Grille |
Backslope Brewing |
Montana Coffee Traders |
Whitefish |
Wild Coffee Company |
Kalispell |
Cloud 9 Float Spa |
Oriental Massage |
Whitefish Handcrafted Spirits |

I’m beyond grateful for you + your support.
Help a wanderer out….
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