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The New Wave Page AZ is visually stunning! Cascading, concentric swoops of orange + white as far as the eye can see.

Congrats! You made it to the last destination of our 30-day USA National Parks + Forests road trip!

We ended it in Page Arizona checking out Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, The New Wave Page AZ, Lake Powell, Lee’s Ferry, + The Southern Wave [well almost – keep reading].
Surprise, surprise…Northern Arizona has more than the Grand Canyon to visit + explore.
Crazy, huh?

For instance, The New Wave Page AZ is visually stunning!
Cascading, concentric swoops of orange + white as far as the eye can see.
Plus, I finally tested out the AWD/4×4 in our lil Jeep Compass in the sand.
I wasn’t nervous. Well, maybe.
Imagine getting stranded out there in 100+ degree heat without cell service.
No thank you. 

But, after some practice + more courage…
Romping around on Lone Beach in Glen Canyon National Recreational Area was a blast!
As was hiking over at the Lonely Dell Ranch orchard + cemetery.
People were picking fresh pears + apples to take home.
On the way back, we were going to do Cathedral Wash Trail, but we were too hot + exhausted.
If you’re up that way, you should check it out.
It looked super cool with a couple climbing sections.

Now for the not so fun part of the review…Page Arizona is an armpit of a city. 

Our Airbnb wasn’t ready when we arrived [supposedly the previous guests forgot their check-out date], + when we walked in our nostrils were assaulted with cleaning supplies…
Like opening every single window and it still felt like it was giving us brain damage.
We would’ve been better off in a hotel, but they don’t have a communal washers/dryers which sucks.
Staying on a house boat or in a RV seem like much better options. 

Then, there’s the restaurant scene.
Let’s just say healthier folks won’t last very long.

So, between the smelly Airbnb, lack of restaurant options, + going nonstop for 30 days…
We bailed on our Airbnb + The Southern Wave, and drove back to Phoenix, grabbed In n Out Burger, and pampered ourselves at Mountain Shadows Resort instead.

The Wave [Coyote Buttes North] + Southern Wave [Coyote Buttes South] are ~2.25 hours west of Page and are SUPER COOL!
But…they happen to be the hardest areas to get a permit for in the USA.
Because, they operate on a 5 month rolling lottery system.
Learn more about The Wave + the lottery system here.
NOTE, you’ll want an AWD/4×4 vehicle with HIGH CLEARANCE to make it to the different trailheads.
That’s ultimately why we didn’t go to The Southern Wave.
My confidence level in our lil Jeep Compass was low…
And, it wasn’t worth getting stuck out there in the middle of summer.
Plus, the towing fees are exorbitant + the cell coverage is unreliable.

If you’re in Page Arizona for multiple days, the Grand Canyon + Horseshoe Bend are a MUST VISIT!!
This video + description tells you everything you need to know about…
Under Canvas Grand Canyon + South Rim Day Trip.
Oh…and don’t forget about Antelope Canyon.

Page |
The New Wave |
Lake Powell |
Glen Canyon National Recreation Area |
Lone Rock Beach |
Balanced Rock |
Lee’s Ferry |
Lonely Dell Ranch |
State 48 Tavern |
BirdHouse |
Cathedral Wash Trailhead [didn’t go] |
The Wave [I’ll go one day] |
The Southern Wave [didn’t go] |
Antelope Canyon |
Mountain Shadows Resort |
In n Out Burger |

Enjoy this week’s video!

I’m beyond grateful for you + your support.
Help a wanderer out….
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Question time!
What’s your favorite spot in Northern Arizona?
The Grand Canyon doesn’t count.
And…have you been fortunate enough to visit The Wave or The Southern Wave?
Comment your answers, I’ll be reading!

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