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BEST PLACES TO LIVE IN MONTANA…Bozeman Montana aka Boz Angeles

“We definitely felt the charm + appeal of downtown Bozeman Montana, and understand why it’s one of the best places to live in Montana.

In 2018, Bozeman Montana was named the fastest growing US city of its size.
It often tops lists of the best places to live in Montana. As well as the country.
And, the population has increased more than 40% in the last decade.

It was already a hot pre-pandemic spot, but the 2020 lock downs triggered explosive growth.
Basically, folks from Cali [San Fran + Los Angeles] were like “Peace, I’m out.”

Although Cali gets the brunt of the backlash, hence Boz Angeles, they aren’t the only ones to blame.
A surprisingly large number of movers are from other areas in Montana.
And, out-of-staters include Colorado, Minnesota, Washington, + Florida.

Here’s why people are lovin on Bozeman so much…
✅ Montana State University [a top university]
✅ High Quality of Life [outdoor recreation, low crime, + sense of community]
✅ Tech Companies + Startups [Oracle, Schedulicity, Printing for Less, Perficient]
✅ Tourism [main pitstop before Yellowstone]

We had no idea.
We simply stopped by on our way to Glacier National Park.
But, the giant cranes + construction zones gave it away.
Everything was so shiny + new. 

Instead of staying in downtown Bozeman Montana [super cute + small].
We stayed in a lil area called Four Corners, which was ~12 minutes outside of town. 

Bozeman Montana highlights |
✨ Our Airbnb was new + modern
✨ The Farmer’s Daughters Cafe had a killer brunch downtown
✨ We got a killer workout in at Urban Fitness
✨ Thoroughly enjoyed a delicious dinner at Tanglewood Grill
✨ Absolutely loved nerding out at the American Computer & Robotics Museum
✨ Found buying our very first can of bear spray very amusing

The only downsides were…
Everything is quite expensive for how small it is.
Finding bags of ice was extremely tricky.
And, the thick wildfire smoke prevented us from seeing the nearby mountain ranges. 

But, we definitely felt the charm + appeal of downtown Bozeman Montana…
And, understand why it’s one of the best places to live in Montana.
Definitely swing through if you’re in the area. 

Airbnb in Four Corners |
The Farmer’s Daughters Cafe |
Tanglewood Grill + Tap |
Urban Fitness |
American Computer & Robotics Museum |

I’m beyond grateful for you + your support.
Help a wanderer out….
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