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ANTARCTICA…65 entrepreneurs aboard the MAGELLAN EXPLORER!

The best part, we got the ship all to ourselves!!!

~65 entrepreneurs embarked on a 3-4 day adventure on the gorgeous Magellan Explorer to explore Antarctica. The best part, we got the ship all to ourselves!!!

Antarctica is the most pristine + serene place I’ve ever visited. The weather was spectacular considering it was Antarctica in the summer. 

We learned so much about the conservation efforts down there, + how we’re not doing a great job at preserving the entire world’s air conditioning unit.

I’d love to take credit for this masterpiece, but sadly I cannot. This was filmed + edited by the amazingly talented Sami Kattan. He captured this unforgettable experience for all of us that we’ll never forget. Thank you Sami!

Our time in Antarctica was pure MAGIC! 

Antarctica highlights |
✨ There’s literally too many to list…just watch the video!

Save up the money + figure out a way to get down there!

Enjoy this week’s video!

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